Why Yvette Nicole Brown Is Mutts About Disney+’s Lady and the Tramp

By Zach Johnson

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown is the polar opposite of Aunt Sarah, the dog-hating, opinionated antagonist she portrays in Disney+’s Lady and the Tramp. “I apparently got my Meryl Streep on for one audition, and I got the gig!” she joked with us in August at D23 Expo 2019. “It was one of the greatest experiences of my life—for many reasons.” To find out one of those reasons (hint: it involves a darling dog!), watch the video below:

Directed by Charlie Bean, Lady and the Tramp is a timeless retelling of the 1955 animated classic that will be available at launch on November 12, 2019. The film stars Tessa Thompson as the voice of Lady, Justin Theroux as the voice of Tramp, Thomas Mann as Jim Dear, Kiersey Clemons as Darling, Adrian Martinez as Elliott, F. Murray Abraham as Tony, Sam Elliott as the voice of Trusty, Ashley Jensen as the voice of Jock, Janelle Monáe as the voice of Peg, and Benedict Wong as the voice of Bull. Rose, a cocker spaniel, and Monte, a mix of unknown breeds, play the title characters.

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