Lost Props Roundup-Iris

Celebrate Lost with Amazing Props from The Walt Disney Archives

By Jocelyn Buhlman

“Guys… Where are we?”

Fifteen years ago on September 22, 2004, Lost introduced us to the mind-boggling mystery of The Island and the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 who were stranded there. The iconic series kept us on the edge of our seats from day one, and continued intriguing us through every polar bear, mysterious string of numbers, and hatch that showed up along the way. To help celebrate the anniversary of this monumental series, we’ve rounded up some of the show’s most iconic props from the Walt Disney Archives. (Although, we cannot confirm whether the Archives keeps these props in their own mysterious hatch.)

Lost Props Roundup-Hurley's Ticket

The numbers on Hurley’s lottery ticket held more significance than he could have ever first realized—and we appreciate him including “23” as one of his number selections!

Lost Props Roundup-Kate's Cuffs

Arriving to the island shackled in handcuffs, but free of the warden keeping a watchful eye over her, Kate was one of many passengers who escaped the past through life on The Island.

Jack is one of the first passengers you meet from Oceanic flight 815. As a central figure on the series, the doctor is key to the story—and a snappy dresser!

Lost Props Roundup-Charlie's Guitar

Is “You All Everybody” stuck in your head yet? Charlie’s guitar is an important item to him during his time on The Island, reminding him of his past with his rock band, Drive Shaft.

Lost Props Roundup-Dharma Biscuits

The Dharma Initiative, a key mystery throughout Lost, used these biscuits to train something. (Polar bears?) Sawyer discovers a “complicated gizmo” while imprisoned on Hydra Island that releases these as a prize.