Wild Hogs (film)

Wild Hogs (film) Four friends wear suits and work in offices during the week, but transform into leather-bound Harley riders on the weekend, hoping to unleash some of that free spirit which dwells within and get out into the great outdoors to ride. Then one day they decide to rev up their ho-hum suburban lives with one last-hurrah, cross-country motorcycle trip. Taking a long-dreamed-of breather from their jobs and responsibilities, they cannot wait to feel the freedom of the open highway. But when the guys don their leathers and hit the road, they find themselves in an unwitting rivalry with the real-life biker gang known as the Del Fuegos, for whom biking is not a hobby but a way of life. The foursome soon finds themselves out of their league with unexpected travails and secrets within their own ranks.  From Touchstone Pictures. Directed by Walt Becker. Released on March 2, 2007. Stars John Travolta (Woody Stevens), Tim Allen (Doug Madsen), Martin Lawrence (Bobby Davis), William H. Macy (Dudley Frank), Ray Liotta (Jack), Marisa Tomei (Maggie), Kevin Durand (Red), M.C. Gainey (Murdock), Jill Hennessy (Kelly Madsen). Peter Fonda has a cameo role as Damien Blade. 100 min. Filmed on location in New Mexico.