While You Were Sleeping (film)

While You Were Sleeping (film) Lucy Moderatz is a subway token boothworker at the Chicago Transit Authority who falls in love with a stranger from afar. When he (Peter Callaghan) is mugged on Christmas day, Lucy saves his life and then finds herself mistaken as Peter’s fiancée when he is hospitalized in a coma. Welcomed into the close-knit Callaghan family through the holidays, she brings new life to the household. But Lucy has misgivings about taking advantage of the misunderstanding, and begins to question her infatuation as she learns more about the man in a coma and finds herself falling in love with Peter’s brother, Jack. Released on April 21, 1995. A Hollywood Pictures film, in association with Caravan Pictures. Directed by Jon Turteltaub. 103 min. Stars Sandra Bullock (Lucy), Peter Gallagher (Peter Callaghan), Glynis Johns (Elsie), Micole Mercurio (Midge), Monica Keena (Mary), Jack Warden (Saul Tuttle), Bill Pullman (Jack). Released on video in 1995.