Waterboy, The (film)

Waterboy, The (film) Lowly water boy Bobby Boucher is 31 years old, overly protected by his mother, and socially inept but he loves his job with the university football team, even though he is constantly the target of gross jokes and public humiliation. When he is unceremoniously fired for his ineptitude, he gets a chance with a team that is as clumsy as he is. Surprisingly, Bobby is discovered to have a dazzling talent for tackling, and is quickly signed to a college athletic scholarship, though inadvertently he wreaks havoc in the classroom and on the gridiron. A Touchstone film. Directed by Frank Coraci. Released on November 6, 1998. Stars Adam Sandler (Bobby Boucher), Kathy Bates (Mama Boucher), Fairuza Balk (Vicki Vallencourt), Jerry Reed (Red Beaulieu), Henry Winkler (Coach Klein). 90 min. The nine-week shooting schedule for the film took place in and around Orlando, Florida. Released on video in 1999.