Veritas: The Quest (television)

Veritas: The Quest (television) Hour-long, action-adventure drama series; premiering on ABC on January 27, 2003, and ending on March 10. After being kicked out of an expensive private school, Nikko Zond discovers that his estranged father, Solomon, is not just an archaeology professor, but is secretly leading an international search for the truth about a civilization that vanished long before known history began. Stars Ryan Merriman (Nikko Zond), Alex Carter (Solomon Zond), Eric Balfour (Calvin Banks), Cynthia Martells (Maggie), Cobie Smulders (Juliet Droil), Arnold Vosloo (Vincent Siminou). Filmed in Montreal and Toronto. Produced by Touchstone Television in association with Storyline Entertainment and Massett/Zinman Productions.