Unhappily Ever After (television)

Unhappily Ever After (television) Television series, debuted on the WB network on January 11, 1995, and ended September 19, 1999. Used-car salesman Jack Mulloy is getting a divorce from his wife, Jennie, after 16 years, and their three self-centered kids hope they will be spoiled rotten by their competing parents. Jack’s only confidant is an old stuffed bunny—a parting gift from his eight-year-old son—that just happens to talk. Stars Geoff Pierson (Jack), Stephanie Hodge (Jennie), Joyce Van Patten (Maureen), Justin Berfield (Ross), Kevin Connolly (Ryan), Nikki Cox (Tiffany). Bobcat Goldthwait provides the voice of Mr. Floppy, the talking bunny.