Tin Men (film)

Tin Men (film) In Baltimore in 1963, two rival aluminum siding salesmen (“tin men”), Bill (BB) Babowsky and Ernest Tilley, start feuding when Tilley runs into BB’s brand-new Cadillac. Their feud escalates until finally BB plays what he thinks is a winning card: he seduces Tilley’s wife, Nora. BB’s plan backfires because Tilley is glad to be rid of Nora, and BB finds himself falling in love with her. In addition to BB’s and Tilley’s personal struggles, the IRS is after Tilley, and both men face losing their licenses because of unscrupulous sales practices. But BB and Tilley are survivors, and together they face the future with new dreams. Released on March 6, 1987. Directed by Barry Levinson. A Touchstone Picture. 112 min. Stars Richard Dreyfuss (Bill Babowsky), Danny DeVito (Ernest Tilley), Barbara Hershey (Nora Tilley). Filmed on location in Baltimore, where Levinson had filmed his earlier Diner. Released on video in 1987.