Three Fugitives (film)

Three Fugitives (film) Newly released from prison, former bank robber Lucas has decided to go straight. As he is trying to deposit his prison paycheck in a local bank, Ned Perry, an inept but desperate robber, stumbles into the bank and takes him hostage. Because of Lucas’ notorious reputation, the police think he masterminded the robbery, and when Perry endangers everyone with a live grenade, Lucas reluctantly takes charge of the situation and engineers their escape. The fugitives are joined by Perry’s cute but troubled six-year-old daughter, who hasn’t spoken in the two years since her mother died and for whose special schooling he needed the money. Soon a genuine friendship grows between these unlikely partners in crime, as Lucas tries to prove his innocence and Perry tries to provide a better life for his daughter. Released on January 27, 1989. Directed by Francis Veber. A Touchstone Picture. 96 min. Stars Nick Nolte (Lucas), Martin Short (Perry), James Earl Jones (Dugan), Sarah Rowland Doroff (Meg). Filmed in Los Angeles and in Tacoma, Washington. The prison scenes were shot at McNeil Island Prison. Released on video in 1989.