Tarzan II (film)

Tarzan II (film) Direct-to-video animated feature; released on June 14, 2005. As a child, Tarzan feels like the worst ape ever. Kala reassures him that his differences will one day be his strengths, but these very differences cause an accident that leaves Kala injured, and Tarzan missing and presumed dead. Convinced that everyone would be better off without him, Tarzan sets off to find his place in the world. A dramatic encounter with an outcast family of gorillas sends Tarzan up to Dark Mountain, where he uncovers the myth of the dreaded Zugor, a legendary monster who turns out to be nothing more than a cranky old hermit ape. With Zugor’s help, Tarzan is able to find his own set of remarkable jungle skills. Glenn Close and Lance Henriksen return to provide the voices of Kala and Kerchak; other voices include Harrison Chad (Tarzan), Brenda Grate (Terk), Harrison Fahn (Tantor), Estelle Harris (Mama Gunda), Brad Garrett (Uto), Ron Perlman (Kago), George Carlin (Zugor). Featured are two original songs by Phil Collins.