Taking Care of Business (film)

Taking Care of Business (film) Petty criminal and Chicago Cubs fan Jimmy Dworski has won tickets to the World Series. The only obstacle standing in his way is that the game is scheduled for the day before he gets released on parole from prison. Scheming his way out early, he finds the lost daily planner of ultraorganized business executive Spencer Barnes, complete with credit cards, keys to a mansion, and everything he needs for an all-expenses-paid weekend of luxury. Spencer, meanwhile, is hopelessly lost without his organizer, not even being able to prove his identity while Jimmy passes himself off as Spencer at important business meetings. After crossing paths and missing signals, the two men end up at the ballgame together, having made discoveries about themselves. Released on August 17, 1990. Directed by Arthur Hiller. A Hollywood Pictures film. 108 min. Stars James Belushi (Jimmy), Charles Grodin (Spencer), Anne DeSalvo (Debbie), Mako (Sakamoto), Veronica Hamel (Elizabeth), Hector Elizondo (Warden). Filmed at various locations around the Los Angeles area. Released on video in 1991.