Ryman, Herb

Ryman, Herb (1910–1989) Art director/designer; Herbert Dickens Ryman, known as Herbie, joined The Walt Disney Studios in 1938 and served as an art director on such features as Fantasia and Dumbo. In 1953, Walt Disney asked him to draw the original concept for Disneyland so Roy O. Disney could use it to help sell investors. He designed Sleeping Beauty Castle and worked on various Imagineering projects over the years until he retired in 1971. Ryman still continued on after that as a consultant, illustrating concepts for EPCOT Center and Tokyo Disneyland. He was working on Euro Disneyland plans when he died in 1989. Lithographs of a number of his concept paintings have been sold by The Disney Gallery at Disneyland. He was named a Disney Legend posthumously in 1990.