Runaway Bride (film)

Runaway Bride (film) Touchstone Pictures and Paramount jointly produced for release on July 30, 1999, this story of Maggie Carpenter, a Maryland woman who has a penchant for leaving grooms at the altar. Ike Graham is a reporter who tries to uncover Maggie’s story, with the two fated to end up together. Directed by Garry Marshall. Stars Julia Roberts (Maggie Carpenter), Richard Gere (Ike Graham), Joan Cusack (Peggy), Hector Elizondo (Fisher). 116 min. This film reunited Roberts, Gere, Elizondo, and director Marshall for the first time since their hit Pretty Woman, in 1990. Most of the filming took place in and around Baltimore, Maryland, with the small Eastern Shore town of Berlin portraying the fictitious Hale.  Released on video by Paramount in 2000.