Roommates (film)

Roommates (film) An irascible but lovable elderly grandfather, Rocky Holeczek, plays an important role in the life of his grandson, Michael. At 107, Rocky is the oldest employed baker in Pittsburgh, and this saga, covering 30 years of his life, shows how he raises Michael from childhood, and continues to guide him into manhood as he marries, has children, and embarks on a busy career in medicine. The relationship makes a powerful statement about the value of family, as Rocky is determined to stick around for as long as it takes to teach Michael what he needs to know about living. Released on March 3, 1995. Directed by Peter Yates. A Hollywood Pictures film. Stars Peter Falk (Rocky Holeczek), D.B. Sweeney (Michael), Julianne Moore (Beth), Jan Rubes (Bolek Krupa), Ellen Burstyn (Judith). 109 min. The film’s inspiration was the real-life, unconventional relationship between the author, Max Apple, and his grandfather. Filmed in Pittsburgh, encompassing the blue-collar world of Polish Hill and the fashionable community of Sewickley Heights, the movie’s time span covering four decades created many challenges for the production designer, Dan Bishop. Perhaps the most arduous element of the production was the makeup job of aging Peter Falk from 75 to 107, with the actor having to put up with sitting under layers of latex for hours at a time. Released on video in 1995.