Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue (film)

Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue (film) Rob Roy, leader of the rebel Highlanders in Scotland, manages to elude the English again and again as he weds his sweetheart Helen Mary, but he inadvertently causes his mother’s death when the English try to capture her instead. In revenge, he captures Inversnaid Fort and plans to continue the fight until Helen Mary pleads for an end to the bloodshed. When he surrenders to George I, the king is so impressed he pardons Rob Roy and his clan.  Released on February 4, 1954. Directed by Harold French. 83 min. Richard Todd’s third Disney movie co-starred Glynis Johns (Helen Mary MacGregor), James Robertson Justice (Duke of Argyll), and Finlay Currie (Hamish MacPherson). It would be Disney’s last United Kingdom production until Kidnapped in 1960. The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders who simulated the English redcoats and the Blues were loaned to Disney for the occasion by the Scottish Command of the British War Office. Released on video in 1985.