Rich Man’s Wife, The (film)

Rich Man’s Wife, The (film)  Josie, who is married to a successful television producer, Tony, has been unhappy in her marriage.  First she has an affair with a restaurant owner, Jake Golden, and later offhandedly remarks to a sympathetic stranger that she wishes she were “free” of her estranged husband.  When her husband is murdered, Josie is the primary suspect and soon the victim of blackmail, with no one to turn to.  A Hollywood Pictures presentation in association with Caravan Pictures.  Released on September 13, 1996.  Directed by Amy Holden Jones.  Stars Halle Berry (Josie Potenza), Clive Owen (Jake Golden), Peter Greene (Cole Wilson), Christopher McDonald (Tony Potenza).  95 min.  For Tony’s house, the filmmakers found a modern Spanish mansion in Malibu, California.  A mountain cabin was located after a long search at a Seattle Council Boy Scout Camp in the Cascade Mountains of Washington.  Released on video in 1997.