Renaissance Man (film)

Renaissance Man (film) When a middle-aged advertising executive, Bill Rago, loses his job, he realizes that he is not really qualified to do anything else. Finally, an imperious unemployment office counselor finds Bill a short-term assignment teaching basic comprehension to a group of borderline washouts at a nearby Army post. Hesitantly, Bill accepts the job, but then has difficulty adjusting to the regimentation of life on an Army base and in communicating with the recruits. When he accidentally brings a copy of Hamlet to class, the students get involved and Bill begins to inspire and motivate them with Shakespeare. He eventually proves to them and to himself that they can achieve more than they ever dreamed. Released on June 3, 1994. Directed by Penny Marshall. A Touchstone film. 128 min. Stars Danny DeVito (Bill Rago), Gregory Hines (Sgt. Cass), James Remar (Capt. Murdoch), Cliff Robertson (Col. James), Ed Begley, Jr. (Jack Markin). Also in the cast as one of the recruits is Mark Wahlberg in his film debut. Filmed primarily at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, with generous cooperation from military officials. The film received a short test run in Seattle in September 1994, under the title By the Book. Released on video in 1995.