Ransom (film)

Ransom (film)  Maverick New York tycoon Tom Mullen is used to mediating tough business deals for his high-tech corporation, and he seems to have it made with a position in New York society, a Fifth Avenue penthouse, and a beautiful wife and son.  But when his son, Sean, is kidnapped, and an FBI ransom drop goes awry, Tom must mastermind a daring countermeasure to get his son back.  With time running out, and his wife horrified by her husband’s shocking plans, Tom faces the most difficult negotiation of his life and the possibility that his strategy, of turning the ransom into a bounty on the kidnappers, may have already backfired.  A Touchstone picture.  Directed by Ron Howard.  Released on November 8, 1996.  Stars Mel Gibson (Tom), Rene Russo (Kate Mullen), Gary Sinise (Jimmy Shaker), Delroy Lindo (Lonnie Hawkins), Lili Taylor (Maris), Evan Handler (Miles), Liev Schreiber (Clark), Donnie Wahlberg (Cubby), Brawley Nolte (Sean).  Brawley Nolte is the son of actor Nick Nolte; Donnie Wahlberg is the former member of the musical group New Kids on the Block.  121 min.  Filming took place on soundstages in Queens and locations around New York City.  Released on video in 1997.