Outrageous Fortune (film)

Outrageous Fortune (film) Two aspiring actresses, rivals in drama class, discover they are also rivals for the affections of the same man. When he disappears, they team up to find him so he can choose between them. When they finally catch him, they discover he is a renegade CIA agent, escaping to the Russian KGB with a dangerous toxin. They team up, as friends now, to thwart their former lover and save the United States. Released on January 30, 1987. Directed by Arthur Hiller. 100 min. Stars Bette Midler (Sandy), Shelley Long (Lauren), Peter Coyote (Michael), Robert Prosky (Stanislov Korzenowski), John Schuck (Atkins), George Carlin (Frank). Filmed in Los Angeles and New York City and in the area around Santa Fe, New Mexico. Released on video in 1987.