Out Cold (film)

Out Cold (film) Good-hearted but single-minded teen snowboarding dudes Rick, Luke, Anthony, and Pig Pen are into extreme boarding, as well as extreme partying in the winter wonderland around their tiny hamlet of Bull Mountain, Alaska. John Majors, a slick Colorado ski mogul, plans to buy Bull Mountain to turn it into a ski resort, and joining him is his beautiful Swiss stepdaughter, Inga. The competitive foursome antagonize each other into a frenzy set into motion by the high expectations of an exotic foreign beauty living in town. A Touchstone Picture in association with Spyglass Entertainment. Directed by Brendan Malloy and Emmett Malloy. Released on November 21, 2001. Stars Flex Alexander (Anthony), A. J. Cook (Jenny), David Denman (Lance), Caroline Dhavernas (Anna), Zach Galifianakis (Luke), Willie Garson (Ted Muntz), Derek Hamilton (Pig Pen), David Koechner (Stumpy), Jason London (Rick Rambis), Thomas Lennon (Eric), Lee Majors (John Majors), Victoria Silvstedt (Inga). 90 min. Filming took place in British Columbia (especially Vancouver and Salmo). Released on video in 2002.