Other Side of Heaven, The (film)

Other Side of Heaven, The (film) Nineteen-year old John Groberg is sent on a three-year Mormon mission to Tonga, where he finds himself in the midst of a culture as remote to him as the island is to his Idaho Falls home. Not understanding the language, and longing for the girl he left behind, John faces suspicion, distrust, typhoons, mosquitoes, and other perils of man and nature as he reaches out to the people of Tonga. A video release on April 1, 2003, by Walt Disney Home Entertainment after a limited theatrical release by Excel Entertainment beginning December 14, 2001. Directed by Mitch Davis. Stars Christopher Gorham (John Groberg), Anne Hathaway (Jean Sabin), Joe Folau (Feki), Miriama Smith (Lavania). 113 min.