One Little Indian (film)

One Little Indian (film) A story of the army in the Old West. Clint Keys has deserted because soldiers have killed his Indian wife. While fleeing to Mexico with two camels stolen from the army, he becomes friends with Mark, a 10-year-old boy raised by Indians, who is also a fugitive. During Mark’s capture, Clint is almost hanged, but is finally set free. The pair then head for Colorado to find the attractive widow and her daughter they met during their flight from the army. Released on June 20, 1973. Directed by Bernard McEveety. 91 min. Stars James Garner (Clint), Vera Miles (Doris), Clay O’Brien (Mark), Jodie Foster (Martha), Pat Hingle (Capt. Stewart), Morgan Woodward (Sgt. Raines), John Doucette (Sgt. Waller), Jim Davis (trail boss), Jay Silverheels (Jimmy Wolf). Eleven-year-old O’Brien wanted the part so badly that he showed up for auditions in full Indian costume and black wig; only later did the director discover that Clay had blond hair. The film was shot near Kanab, Utah, which is surrounded by the Grand Canyon, Kaibab National Forest, Bryce and Zion National Parks, and Lake Powell. Cooperation was gained with the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management. The production was constantly delayed by accidents and freak mishaps: lightning struck the plane flying the cast and crew into Kanab; flooding occurred; the truck containing all the props caught fire, destroying both; Jodie Foster sprained an ankle; and stuntmen were injured in the action sequences. Released on video in 1986.