Nothing to Lose (film)

Nothing to Lose (film) Things couldn’t get any worse for advertising executive Nick Beam, whose life has just completely unravelled when he thinks he has caught his wife being unfaithful to him with his boss.  But while he is sitting at a traffic light, in a state of shock and unable to get a grip on reality, a fast-talking carjacker named T. Paul leaps into his car, attempting to rob him.  With nothing to lose and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Nick turns the tables on his mugger, taking him hostage while he decides what to do.  An unlikely friendship gradually unfolds between this offbeat pair in a madcap comedy of holdups, high-speed chases, mistaken identities, and revenge.  A Touchstone film.  Directed by Steve Oedekerk.  Released on July 18, 1997.  Stars Martin Lawrence (T. Paul), Tim Robbins (Nick Beam), John C. McGinley (Rig), Giancarlo Esposito (Charlie), Michael McKean (Philip Barrows), Kelly Preston (Ann Beam).  98 min.  Filming began in the desert near Lancaster, California, then continued at locations around Los Angeles.