North Avenue Irregulars, The (film)

North Avenue Irregulars, The (film) When organized crime hits their town, a reverend and a group of unusual ladies from his church decide to hit back. By posing as knockout performers, masters of disguise, and cunning mistresses of pursuit, they bring the underworld to its knees in a wild and crazy car chase and roundup finale. Released on February 9, 1979. Directed by Bruce Bilson. 100 min. Stars Edward Herrmann (Michael Hill), Barbara Harris (Vickie), Susan Clark (Anne), Karen Valentine (Jane), Michael Constantine (Marv), Patsy Kelly (Rose), Ivor Francis (Rev. Wainwright), Douglas V. Fowley (Delaney), Virginia Capers (Cleo), Steve Franken (Tom), Dena Dietrich (Mrs. Carlisle), Dick Fuchs (Howard), Herb Voland (Dr. Fulton), Alan Hale (Harry the Hat), Ruth Buzzi (Dr. Rheems), Cloris Leachman (Claire). The film is based on the book by Rev. Albert Fay Hill. Though many of the incidents in the film are fiction, the story is based on the factual account of Reverend Hill. The group’s name comes from the Baker Street Irregulars, a reference to the youth of Victorian London who gathered information for Sherlock Holmes for a pittance. Scenes were filmed on the backlot of the Disney Studio and on 42 separate locations in and around the Los Angeles area from florist shops in Burbank to alleys in Pasadena to desert roads near Newhall to streets in Long Beach. More than $155,000 was paid for cars involved in the filming, 14 automobiles and one motorcycle of which were destroyed in the final scenes. The film was released in other countries under the title Hill’s Angels. Released on video in 1980 and 1985.