Nixon (film)

Nixon (film)  The political life of Richard Nixon is covered, with flashbacks showing his Quaker upbringings, from his congressional days to Watergate and his resignation, presenting a psychological portrait of the complex public figure and a look at the people who surrounded him.  Released on a limited basis on December 20, 1995; expanded release on January 5, 1996.  A Hollywood Pictures release of an Andrew G. Vajna presentation of an Illusion Entertainment Group/Cinergi production.  Directed by Oliver Stone.  Stars Anthony Hopkins (Richard Nixon), Joan Allen (Pat Nixon), Powers Boothe (Alexander Haig), Ed Harris (E. Howard Hunt), Bob Hoskins (J. Edgar Hoover), E. G. Marshall (John Mitchell), David Paymer (Ron Ziegler), David Hyde Pierce (John Dean), Paul Sorvino (Henry Kissinger), Mary Steenburgen (Hannah Nixon), J. T. Walsh (John Erlichman), James Woods (H. R. Haldeman), Brian Bedford (Clyde Tolson), Ed Herrmann (Nelson Rockefeller), Madeleine Kahn (Margaret Mitchell).  191 min.  Filmed in CinemaScope.  The production was filmed almost exclusively in Southern California, and utilized White House sets that had been built at Sony Studios in Culver City for the movie, The American President.  The wedding scene was shot at the Mission Inn in Riverside, where Richard and Pat Nixon had said their vows.  The Nixon family’s East Whittier white-frame house and grocery store/filling station were recreated on a road running between citrus groves in Redlands.  Released on video in 1996, with additional footage included.