National Film Registry

National Film RegistryEach year since 1989, the U.S. Government, through the Library of Congress, names 25 films it deems as “culturally, historically, or esthetically important.” Nineteen Disney films have been added to the Registry: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1989; Fantasia in 1990; Pinocchio in 1994; Steamboat Willie in 1998; Beauty and the Beast (1991) in 2002; Toy Story in 2005; Three Little Pigs in 2007; Disneyland Dream, a home movie, in 2009; Bambi in 2011; Mary Poppins in 2013; The Old Mill and The Story of Menstruation in 2015; The Lion King (1994), Rushmore, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit in 2016; Dumbo (1941) in 2017; Cinderella (1950) in 2018; and Old Yeller and Sleeping Beauty in 2019.