Nashville (television)

Nashville (television) Series on ABC, premiering on October 10, 2012 and ending on May 25, 2016. Music legend Rayna Jaymes has been one of the industry’s top female vocalists for two decades, but she discovers that her passion for the business is not enough to compete with the new generation of talent lighting up the charts. She is going to have to start over and reinvent herself if she plans on being relevant. Things are not made easier by Rayna’s father, Lamar Wyatt, Nashville’s most powerful businessman, with whom she has had a distant relationship strained by years of resentment and powerful secrets that begin to boil over as Rayna’s husband, Teddy Conrad, aligns himself with her father to run for office. There is also Juliette Barnes, a sexy, sassy singer who is not about to let anyone stand in the way of her success, much less Rayna Jaymes. Stars Connie Britton (Rayna Jaymes), Hayden Panettiere (Juliette Barnes), Powers Boothe (Lamar Wyatt), Charles Esten (Deacon Claybourne), Eric Close (Teddy Conrad), Clare Bowen (Scarlett O’Connor), Jonathan Jackson (Avery Barkley), Sam Palladio (Gunnar Scott), Robert Wisdom (Coleman Carlisle). From Lionsgate, ABC Studios, and Gaylord Entertainment.