Miracle (film)

Miracle (film) In 1980, the U.S. ice hockey team needed a miracle. Coach Herb Brooks was charged with taking his ragtag squad to the Olympic Games at Lake Placid, but even the encouraging coach was not sure what his boys could do against the storied teams from the eastern bloc countries and the juggernaut from the Soviet Union. Despite long odds, Team USA rose to the occasion in one of the most thrilling moments in the country’s sports history. Released on February 6, 2004. Directed by Gavin O’Connor. Stars Kurt Russell (Herb Brooks), Eddie Cahill (Jim Craig), Patricia Clarkson (Patty Brooks), Noah Emmerich (Craig Patrick), Sean McCann (Walter Bush), Kenneth Welsh (Doc Nagobads), Patrick O’Brien Demsey (Mike Eruzione), Michael Mantenuto (Jack O’Callahan), Nathan West (Rob McClanahan), Kenneth Mitchell (Ralph Cox). 136 min. Released on video in 2004.