Mighty Ducks (television)

Mighty Ducks (television)  Animated television series; premiered on September 6, 1996 in syndication and on ABC the following day.  The ABC run ended on August 30, 1997.  A combination hockey team and band of superheroes, part-duck and part-human, show off their hockey prowess at the Anaheim Pond rink.  Elsewhere, they use their high-tech tools and teamwork to save the world from the evil Lord Dragaunus and his henchmen, whom they’ve followed from the planet Puckworld.  The Mighty Ducks team includes the role-model captain Wildwing, his renegade brother Nosedive, martial arts expert Mallory, sylish ex-criminal Duke L’Orange, scientific whiz Tanya, and huge Zen master Grin.  The only human who knows the Ducks’ true identities is Phil, the team’s manager.  Voices include Ian Ziering (Wildwing), Steve Mackall (Nosedive), April Winchell (Mallory), Jeff Bennett (Duke L’Orange), Jennifer Hale (Tanya), Brad Garrett (Grin), Jim Belushi (Phil), Tim Curry (Lord Dragaunus). 26 episodes.