Little Indian, Big City (film)

Little Indian, Big City (film)  A successful Parisian businessman, Stephan Marchado, travels deep into a South American rain forest to obtain a divorce agreement from his wife, Patricia, only to find that he has a young son who has been raised among the natives and given an Indian name, Mimi-Siku.  Stephan is coerced into taking the mischievous lad back to Paris, creating a major culture clash that turns Stephan’s well-ordered life upside down.  But soon the father begins thinking less about maintaining the status quo of his affluent life in Paris and more about nurturing the friendship and love that have grown between him and his son.  Released on March 22, 1996. Directed by Hervé Palud.  90 min.  U.S. release by Touchstone Pictures of a dubbed version of the French hit comedy, Un indien dans la ville, starring Thierry Lhermitte (Stephan Marchado), Miou Miou (Patricia), Ludwig Briand (Mimi-Siku).  The U.S. release of this film was a condition for actor-producer Lhermitte selling Touchstone Pictures the remake rights.  The remake, which was titled Jungle 2 Jungle and starred Tim Allen, was released in 1997.