Life with Mikey (film)

Life with Mikey (film) Agent and former television child star, Michael Chapman, who is co-running a third-rate talent agency with his brother, finds his big chance with the discovery of a young, streetwise urchin, Angie Vega. She has a fresh, unaffected personality and an ability to act her way out of any situation—including illegal ones. Michael comes to learn that his concern for Angie and her future welfare is more important than his own dreams of success. Released on June 4, 1993. Directed by James Lapine. A Touchstone film. 91 min. Stars Michael J. Fox (Michael Chapman), Christina Vidal (Angie Vega), Nathan Lane (Ed Chapman), Cyndi Lauper (Geena Briganti). The “Life with Mikey Theme” was written by Alan Menken, with lyrics by Jack Feldman. Filmed on location in Toronto and New York City. Released on video in 1993.