Let It Shine (television)

Let It Shine (television) A Disney Channel Original Movie, debuting on June 15, 2012. Cyrus DeBarge, musical director of his father’s Atlanta church, has a hard time convincing his father that hip-hop is not the devil’s music. At a freestyle rap competition at a local teen club, Cyrus tells his childhood friend and longtime crush, Roxanne Andrews, how he really feels about her. But his best friend, Kris McDuffy, is mistakenly named author of the rap song and winner of the contest, and Roxanne begins to fall for Kris. Cyrus has to overcome self-doubt and seize the opportunity to reveal both his talent and his feelings and pursue his dreams. Directed by Paul Hoen. Stars Tyler James Williams (Cyrus DeBarge), Coco Jones (Roxanne Andrews), Trevor Jackson (Kris McDuffy), Brandon Mychal Smith (Lord of Da Bling), Nicole Sullivan (Lyla), Courtney B. Vance (Jacob DeBarge), Dawnn Lewis (Gail).