Leroy & Stitch (television)

Leroy & Stitch (television) Direct-to-video release on June 27, 2006, after a world premiere on Disney Channel on June 23. With the mission to capture all 625 experiments completed, Lilo must say goodbye to her outer space family, including Stitch, not knowing they will reunite for another adventure as their nemesis, Dr. Hämsterviel, has broken out of prison and has forced Jumba to create “Leroy, ” Stitch’s evil twin. To make things worse, Hämsterviel clones Leroy so it is up to Lilo and the gang to stop the Leroy army. Voices include Daveigh Chase (Lilo), Tia Carrere (Nani), Kevin McDonald (Pleakley), Kevin Michael Richardson (Capt. Gantu), David Ogden Stiers (Dr. Jumba), Jillian Henry (Elena), Chris Sanders (Stitch). 73 min.