Ladder 49 (film)

Ladder 49 (film) A devoted firefighter, Jack Morrison, is trapped in a major warehouse blaze, and while wondering if he will be rescued, he reflects back on his life. He remembers back to his first day with the Baltimore Fire Department and recalls his initiation into the close-knit, prank-filled, courage-fed band of brothers at the firehouse, and the discovery of his own deeply held compulsion to save lives. Pushed to the limits of loyalty and courage, Jack holds tight to indelible memories as he waits for his own rescue. Outside, his best friend, Capt. Mike Kennedy, risks his life to save him. A Touchstone Pictures/Beacon Pictures production. Released on October 1, 2004. Directed by Jay Russell. Stars John Travolta (Capt. Mike Kennedy), Joaquin Phoenix (Jack Morrison), Balthazar Getty (Ray Gauquin), Robert Patrick (Lenny Richter), Jacinda Barrett (Linda Morrison), Morris Chestnut (Tommy Drake), Jay Hernandez (Keith Perez), Billy Burke (Dennis Gauquin), Tim Guinee (Tony Corrigan), Kevin Chapman (Frank McKinney), Kevin Daniels (Don Miller). 115 min. Released on video in 2005.