Jump In! (television)

Jump In! (television) A Disney Channel Original Movie, premiering on January 12, 2007. A teen, Izzy, is known around his Brooklyn neighborhood as a promising natural-born boxer whose father is a local gym owner. Izzy’s neighbor, Mary, is the leader of the Joy Jumpers, a four-girl double Dutch team trying to make its mark in the tournament world. Double Dutch is a combination of lightning fast dance steps, gymnastics, and martial arts moves—all executed with pinpoint precision while leaping through two ropes twirling at blinding speeds. When one of the Joy Jumpers defects to a rival crew, Mary and her team beg Izzy to substitute for her at the upcoming citywide finals. Izzy is as surprised as anyone to discover he has a penchant for double Dutch, but he’s terrified of being ridiculed by his peers and of dashing his father’s hopes of raising a boxing champion. When word gets out, Izzy finally learns to follow his heart rather than let others determine his destiny. Directed by Paul Hoen. Stars Corbin Bleu (Izzy Daniels), Keke Palmer (Mary Thomas), David Reivers (Kenneth Daniels), Kylee Russell (Karin Daniels), Shanica Knowles (Shauna Keaton), Laivan Greene (Keisha Ray), Patrick Johnson (Rodney Tyler), Micah Williams (L’il Earl Jackson). David Reivers is Corbin Bleu’s real-life father. Released on DVD in 2007.