Iron Will (film)

Iron Will (film) In 1917, young Will Stoneman’s life is turned upside down when his father is killed. Jack Stoneman had planned a bright future for his son, including sending him to college. In order to win a $10,000 prize needed to save the family from financial ruin, the courageous young man and his loyal team of sled dogs embark on a treacherous cross-country race, on a 522-mile course from Winnipeg to St. Paul. Nothing in his imagination could prepare him for the perilous trek, however, and his survival depends on the strength and courage of his faithful team of dogs, led by the stalwart Gus. Exhausted and numb from the arduous journey, Will must find the tenacity to persevere against impossible odds, while it seems the whole world is cheering him on through newspaper bulletins sent in by an enterprising reporter, Harry Kingsley, keeping up with the racers by train. Despite the harsh weather and terrain, and the threat of a dangerous opponent, Borg Guillarson, Will wins the race. Released on January 14, 1994. Directed by Charles Haid. 109 min. Stars Mackenzie Astin (Will Stoneman), Kevin Spacey (Harry Kingsley), David Ogden Stiers (J.P. Harper), George Gerdes (Borg Guillarson), John Terry (Jack Stoneman). Based on a true story. Principal photography took place in Duluth and the surrounding area in Minnesota, and the neighboring state of Wisconsin. The vintage 1913 steam engine that figures so prominently in the film was borrowed from the Lake Superior Museum of Transportation. Released on video in 1994.