Inkwell, The (film)

Inkwell, The (film) The ritzy resort island of Martha’s Vineyard is a vacation haven where the rich relax at the famous Inkwell Beach and where, in 1976, 16-year-old African American Drew Tate is about to spend a summer holiday with wealthy relatives. There he learns to combat his shyness, meet members of the opposite sex, and come of age.  Released on April 22, 1994. Directed by Matty Rich. A Touchstone film. 112 min. Stars Larenz Tate (Drew Tate), Joe Morton (Kenny Tate), Suzzanne Douglas (Brenda Tate), Glynn Turman (Spencer Phillips). To represent the resort of Martha’s Vineyard in 1976, the producers went to North Carolina, using sites in Wilmington, Fort Fisher, Rocky Point, Surf City, Southport, and Swansboro. Released on video in 1994.