Holy Matrimony (film)

Holy Matrimony (film) When sassy and streetwise Havana loses her criminal husband and is forced to hide out with his relatives, a wholesome, strict colony of religious disciples known as Hutterites, she finds that their archaic commandments on chastity and hard work clash with her modern morality. The Hutterites have never met anyone remotely like the sexy Havana, and she has never spent time with people who are so uncorrupted by the influences of society. While she goes along with their rules and regulations, in order to buy time to find stolen money hidden on their property, she is aghast to discover that–because of a part of their religious law–to remain in the colony she must marry the 12-year-old brother of her former husband. Temporarily stuck with each other, the two square off for a comic battle of wills. Released in a limited number of cities on April 8, 1994. Directed by Leonard Nimoy. A Hollywood Pictures film. 93 min. Stars Patricia Arquette (Havana), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Zeke), Tate Donovan (Peter), Armin Mueller-Stahl (Uncle Wilhelm), John Schuck (Markowski). Filmed in Great Falls, Montana. Released on video in 1994.