Hee, T.

Hee, T. (1911-1988) Yes, this was a real person. People for years have chuckled over his name in the credits for many of the Disney cartoons. T(hornton) Hee worked at the Disney Studio on and off for three decades, beginning in 1938, as director, caricaturist, stylist, and storyman. He co-directed the Dance of the Hours segment of Fantasia, directed the Honest John and Gideon sequence in Pinocchio, worked on story on Victory Through Air Power and Make Mine Music, and created the titles for The Reluctant Dragon and The Shaggy Dog. He left Disney in 1946, but returned for 1958 through 1961, and in 1964 worked for WED Enterprises on the New York World’s Fair projects. He also served as an animation instructor and was a renowned caricaturist.