Haunted Mansion, The (film)

Haunted Mansion, The (film) Workaholic real estate agent Jim Evers and his wife and business partner, Sara, drag their family up to the big, creepy Gracey mansion, located on a remote Louisiana bayou, when Jim gets a call that owner Edward Gracey wants to sell.  Jim senses the biggest deal of his career, hoping to rebuild the mansion into a lavish new condo development. When the Evers family gets there, however, they are stranded by a torrential thunderstorm and quickly find that they are not alone—not when 999 grim, grinning ghosts come out to socialize. With all these happy haunts that won’t leave until their unfinished business has been completed, Jim must figure out how to break the curse, while discovering that his family needs him. Directed by Rob Minkoff. Released on November 26, 2003. Stars Eddie Murphy (Jim Evers), Terence Stamp (Ramsley), Nathaniel Parker (Master Gracey), Marsha Thomason (Sara Evers), Jennifer Tilly (Madame Leota), Wallace Shawn (Ezra), Dina Waters (Emma), Marc John Jefferies (Michael), Aree Davis (Megan). 88 min. Filmed in Super 35-Scope. The film features special effects and makeup design by Academy Award-winner Rick Baker. Released on video in 2004.