Gun Shy (film)

Gun Shy (film) Charlie Cutter is a legendary DEA undercover agent who has a traumatic memory of his latest bust. Even though he loathes his job and wants out, he has carefully planned an operation for the arrest of Cheemo, a drug lord. The bust goes bad and Charlie is forced to watch helplessly as bloody carnage rips everything apart. He lives to tell the tale, but the memory will not leave him alone. Fear has now taken over his life. He seeks psychiatric help and finds himself relying on the support of an unstable therapy group, and nurse Judy, just to get through his work. A Hollywood Picture. Directed by Eric Blakeney. Limited release on February 4, 2000. Stars Liam Neeson (Charlie Cutter), Oliver Platt (Fulvio Nesstra), Sandra Bullock (Judy Tipp), Jose Zuniga (Fidel Vaillar), Richard Schiff (Elliott), Andy Lauer (Jason Kent), Taylor Negron (Cheemo). 102 min. Sandra Bullock also served as producer. Filmed on location in New York (and at Los Angeles locations doubling as New York). Released on video in 2000.