Going to the Mat (television)

Going to the Mat (television) Disney Channel Original Movie; premiering on March 19, 2004. When Jace Newfield’s family moves from New York to the Midwest, the accomplished, but blind, drummer must find a way—besides music—to fit in at his new school. In addition to experiencing the cultural differences, Jace must learn his way around a new house and school while struggling to maintain his independence. Soon, he takes up wrestling, the only sport in which the blind compete on an equal footing with the sighted. With the help of his wrestling coach, Mr. Rice, and his music teacher, Mr. Wyatt, who is also blind, Jace strives to master his wrestling skills and follow his instincts to bring his team to the championships, as he discovers the importance of self-acceptance. Directed by Stuart Gillard. Stars Andrew Lawrence (Jace Newfield), Khleo Thomas (Vince Shu), Billy Aaron Brown (John Lambrix), Brenda Strong (Patty Newfield), D.B. Sweeney (Coach Rice), Brett Yoder (Mike Mallon), T.J. Lowther (Luke Nolan), Alessandra Toreson (Mary Beth Rice), Tim Whitaker (Boomer Cleason), Brian Wimmer (Tom Newfield), Danny Henze (T-Rex Turner), Wayne Brady (Mr. Wyatt).