Glory Road (film)

Glory Road (film) The inspiring true story of the underdog Texas Western Miners basketball team. Passionately dedicated coach Don Haskins’ decision to play his all-African American team helped break down barriers of segregation that affected every segment of society and set a new course for the future as the team did the one thing they could to prove themselves to a watching world–they played their hearts out. The Miners took the country by storm and, in a surprise turn of events, won the 1966 NCAA tournament title against the all-white juggernaut of the University of Kentucky Wildcats. From Walt Disney Pictures in association with Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Released on January 13, 2006. Directed by James Gartner. Stars Josh Lucas (Don Haskins), Derek Luke (Bobby Joe Hill), Austin Nichols (Jerry Armstrong), Jon Voight (Adolph Rupp), Evan Jones (Moe Iba), Mehcad Brooks (Harry Flournoy), Emily Deschanel (Mary Hawkins), Sam Jones III (Willie Worsley), Schin A.S. Kerr (David Lattin), Alphonso McAuley (Orsten Artis), Damaine Radcliff (Willie Cager), Al Shearer (Nevil Shed). 118 min. In order to help duplicate the NCAA championship game, the filmmakers were able to track down rare home movie footage, photos from Texas Western yearbooks, and over 30 priceless rolls of photographic film shot by Sports Illustrated. Filmed in New Orleans and El Paso, in Super 35 Scope.