Flubber (film)

Flubber (film) Professor Phillip Brainard is a man so lost in thought that he appears, at times, not to pay attention. He’s even forgotten two dates to marry his sweetheart, Sara. But the guy has a lot on his mind. He is working with his high-voltage, over-amorous flying robot assistant, Weebo, on an idea for a substance that is not only a revolutionary source of energy, but may well be the salvation of his financially troubled Medfield College, where his beloved Sara is the president. But it all comes together late on the afternoon of his third attempt at a wedding when the professor creates a miraculous goo that when applied to any object–cars, bowling balls…even people–enables them to fly through the air at miraculous speeds. The stuff, called Flubber, defies gravity and looks like rubber. Chester Hoenicker, a corrupt businessman who at first wants only to punish Brainard for giving his son a failing grade, learns about the existence of the substance, and sends goons to steal it from the professor’s lab. Released on November 26, 1997. Directed by Les Mayfield. Stars Robin Williams (Phillip Brainard), Marcia Gay Harden (Sara), Christopher McDonald (Wilson Croft), Raymond Barry (Chester Hoenicker), Wil Wheaton (Bennett Hoenicker). The voice of Weebo is provided by Jodi Benson. 94 min. An updated version of the 1961 Disney feature The Absent-Minded Professor. Many of the special effects were produced in the huge Building Three at the Treasure Island Naval Base off San Francisco. With 90,000 square feet of space, the producers were able to create the professor’s basement laboratory, the interior of the team’s locker room, and a 2,500-seat basketball stadium, all under one roof, at one time. Differing from the original film, the substance Flubber is given a personality of its own. Mischievous and uncontrollable, it creates havoc everywhere.