Ernest Scared Stupid (film)

Ernest Scared Stupid (film) After accidentally using a magic spell to revive a slimy troll, Trantor, who was condemned centuries before by a Worrell ancestor, bumbling Ernest P. Worrell enlists the aid of Old Lady Hackmore, the town eccentric, to dispose of the creature, break the curse, and make the town safe for children once again. Released on October 11, 1991. Directed by John Cherry. A Touchstone film. 92 min. Stars Jim Varney (Ernest P. Worrell), Eartha Kitt (Old Lady Hackmore), Jonas Moscartolo (Trantor). Filmed in Nashville, Tennessee and its vicinity. Released on video in 1992. For a later direct-to-video Ernest movie, see Slam Dunk Ernest. Two other Ernest video releases were from Monarch, not Disney—Ernest Rides Again (1993) and Ernest Goes to School (1994), the former having had a limited theatrical run.