Double Take (film)

Double Take (film) Successful New York investment banker, Daryl Chase, is framed for laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel. Wanted by the FBI, he makes a run for the border to find the one man who can clear his name, followed all along the way by Freddy Tiffany, an untrustworthy low-life petty thief. Taking Freddy’s identity in order to make his way in the underworld, Daryl, to his horror, discovers that Freddy is even more wanted than he is. Directed by George Gallo. A Touchstone picture. Released on January 12, 2001. Stars Orlando Jones (Daryl Chase), Eddie Griffin (Freddy Tiffany), Edward Herrmann (Charles Allsworth), Gary Grubbs (T.J. McCready), Daniel Roebuck (Norville). 88 min. Loosely based on the 1957 feature, Across the Bridge, which in turn was based on a Graham Greene novella. Filmed in CinemaScope. Released on video in 2001.