Doctor, The (film)

Doctor, The (film) A successful surgeon, Dr. Jack MacKee, lacks one vital trait—true compassion for the patients under his care. Suddenly faced with throat cancer, he becomes an ordinary patient in his own hospital, and finds he has to deal with the red tape and dehumanizing conditions experienced by everyone else. Unable to relate to his wife and young son, he meets June, a fellow patient with extraordinary strength and spirit, who is the catalyst for his own recovery as well as the realization that a healer must be able to attend to the spirit as well as the body. Initial release on July 24, 1991, in four cities; general release on August 2, 1991. Directed by Randa Haines. A Touchstone film. 123 min. Stars William Hurt (Jack), Christine Lahti (Anne), Elizabeth Perkins (June), Mandy Patinkin (Murray). Based on the book, A Taste of My Own Medicine, by Dr. Ed Rosenbaum. Released on video in 1992.