Deep Rising (film)

Deep Rising (film) Somewhere in the South China Sea, horrific, lethal and unstoppable creatures have emerged from the bottomless depths and attacked the world’s most lavish luxury cruise ship, the Argonautica, on its maiden voyage. With indescribable strength and deadly precision, these inhuman forces have transformed the vessel into a horrific death trap. For the few remaining on the ship who have escaped, at least for the moment, plus the ill-fated smuggler John Finnegan and a bunch of mercenaries, who dock their crippled vessel, the Saipan, against the Argonautica, a living nightmare awaits. In the middle of nowhere, escape seems impossible. A Hollywood Pictures film in association with Cinergi Productions. Released on January 30, 1998. Directed by Stephen Sommers. 106 min. Stars Treat Williams (John Finnegan), Famke Janssen (Trillian), Anthony Heald (Canton), Kevin J. O’Connor (Pantucci), Wes Studi (Hanover), Derrick O’Connor (Capt. Atherton). Filmed in CinemaScope. Filming took place in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, with much of the production taking place at Versatile Shipyards, a historic ship assembly plant there.