Crazy/Beautiful (film)

Crazy/Beautiful (film) Nicole Oakley, the troubled daughter of a wealthy congressman, attends public school in the upscale community of Pacific Palisades. As an act of defiance, she makes a play for the attentions of Carlos Nuñez, a straight-A student who rides the bus for two hours each morning from his East Los Angeles home, and the rebellious flirtation develops into true romance. However, Nicole’s self-destructive tendencies threaten Carlos’ ambitions, leading to an emotional and climactic confrontation. Directed by John Stockwell. A Touchstone Picture. Released on July 20, 2001. Stars Kirsten Dunst (Nicole Oakley), Jay Hernandez (Carlos Nuñez), Lucinda Jenney (Courtney), Taryn Manning (Maddy), Rolando Molina (Hector), Bruce Davison (Congressman Tom Oakley). 99 min. Filmed on location in Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles. Released on video in 2001.