Candleshoe (film)

Candleshoe (film) A street-tough tomboy from Los Angeles poses as the long-lost heiress to a stately English manor called Candleshoe in this tale of larceny, adventure and comedy. A series of cryptic clues leads 14-year-old Casey Brown on a wild and dangerous search for a long-lost treasure. In a rousing finale, Casey and a group of loveable characters from Candleshoe outduel a greedy con man and his rowdies for the treasure and Candleshoe as well. Initial release in L.A. on December 16, 1977 in order to qualify for Academy Award consideration (it did not receive any nominations); general release on February 10, 1978. Directed by Norman Tokar. 101 min. Stars David Niven (Priory), Helen Hayes (Lady St. Edmund), Jodie Foster (Casey), Leo McKern (Bundage), Veronica Quilligan (Cluny), Ian Sharrock (Peter), Sarah Tamakuni (Anna), David Samuels (Bobby), John Alderson (Jenkins), Mildred Shay (Mrs. McCress), Michael Balfour (Mr. McCress), Vivian Pickles (Grimsworthy). The film was based on the book Christmas at Candleshoe by Michael Innes. Look for David Niven in four roles—the loyal butler Priory, Scots gardener Gipping, Irish chauffeur John Henry, and retired cavalry officer Colonel Dennis. The Tudor mansion used in the film as Candleshoe is a stately house north of London, England, in Warwickshire called Compton Wynyates, which has been in the Compton family since the thirteenth century, and was often visited by Henry VIII. Filming also took place in downtown Los Angeles, Kidderminster, on the Severn Valley Railway, Hambleden village near Buckinghamshire, and Pinewood Studios in London, where all the interiors were filmed. Released on video in 1981, 1985, and 1992.